Pictures of Moss is a post rock post punk neopsychedelic outfit from Fort Collins, Colorado. The band features vocal compositions about the world we live in, both natural and contrived, with sonic peaks and valleys throughout compositions. The band released their first album in 2017.  The songs on this album explore the natural world around us. Subject matter iincludes bird migration in the fall, seeds that become trees, and the path of snow as it's drawn towards the equator. The band is currently working on their follow up, titled Science (non) Fiction.  Showcasing the heavier side of the band's sound, these songs examine man made phenomenon such as satellites, curve balls in baseball, the evolution of analog synths, the internal mechanisms of clocks, and Ray Kurzweil's Rate of Accelerating Return.

New music slowly trickling out here: 


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Pictures of Moss

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R Bar, 107b E Laurel St, Fort Collins

FoCoMX VI is coming! Hundreds of bands, hundreds of venues, one wristband for a ridiculously low price. Experience Colorado music the way it was meant to be.


Boat Drinks/Pictures of Moss/the Bardots

Surfside 7, 238 Linden St. , Fort Collins

Our friends Boat Drinks from Denver bring their psychedelic punk to start the evening before we paint our Pictures of Moss! With the Bardots bringing 50% rock / 50% roll to close out the night!